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Cat : Cat Doors

#221 Locking Cat Door - Large (brown)
Price: $37.50
MSRP: $37.50

#221 locking cat door - large (brown)

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#221 Locking Cat Door - Large (white)
Price: $37.50
MSRP: $37.50

Specially developed for the largest cat or small dogs (Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund, etc. ) up to a shoulder height of 14 (360mm) * Silent action - won't frighten pets or disturb owner * Draught and weatherproof brush sealed flap with magnetic closure * Transparent flap * Lifetime parts service * 3 year guarantee * For cats and small dogs up to 14 9360mm) shoulder height * Self lining to 2 (50mm) thick - ideal for very thin panels and screens * Easy replacement for most popular cat flaps * Secure double point 4 Way lock 9

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