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The RYR Mission

Register Your Rescue would like to proudly introduce the creator and visionary behind the idea of Register Your Rescue. Ms. Terani's story is best told in her own words:

"My name is Tasha-Nicole Terani. I was orphaned as a baby and spent the first two years of my life in an orphanage. I've lived my whole life never knowing my family and yearning to belong to a family.

I grew up with collies and know that caring for, loving and nurturing an animal will help you heal. It gives you more reason to live, thrive and enjoy life! Once I found Lance, my life would never be the same again. He gave me purpose, he loved me unconditionally and allowed me to love him unconditionally with no fear. I'd never experienced this kind of love in my life. I was thriving and Lance was the reason why.

I was beyond excited about my new puppy and I wanted to share the joy of rescue with all my friends. Several of my friends were pregnant at the time and unable to see that Lance was, for me, what a baby was for them. They were busy sharing their registry lists for the upcoming baby showers. I couldn't stop thinking, 'Wow, I wish I could share the joy of rescue with them, I wish I could register my beautiful Lance for gifts and my friends could be a part of it!'

This is how Register Your Rescue was realized. I wanted to create a way to share the joy of rescue, and reward animal shelters and individuals for their rescue efforts. Most importantly find homes for and reward the beautiful innocent rescued animals! I wanted to shower them all with gifts and benefits for becoming a part of animal rescue. For essentially, saving animals lives.

We will rescue these animals together; however, in the long run they're rescuing us. We are their voice and they're our strength.

Tasha-Nicole Terani "

For more information about Ms. Terani and her outreach efforts, please visit
Every Child's Dream Foundation (

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